Images from Pakistan

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Images from Pakistan

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This is a video slideshow of images from Pakistan.

Please remember to pray for Asia Bibi, a Christian awaiting the completion of a death sentence for blasphemy. Visit for more information.


Pakistan suffers from suicide bombings and killings associated with terrorism. The conflicts are mainly between fundamentalist Islamic groups and the secular government. Though religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution, Christians increasingly suffer under Shariah law.

Category: Restricted Nation
Religion: Muslim 96.08%, Christian 2.31%
Ideology: Islam
Head of State: President Asif Ali Zardari

Things are particularly bad for Pakistani Christians in northern areas. Christians there live under constant threat from fundamentalist Muslims. On Feb. 22, 2009, the Taliban attacked six churches, burned several Christian homes, burned four Bibles and injured children in Karachi, Pakistan. Eyewitnesses reported the Taliban shouting, "Accept Islam, accept
Islam." Twenty-year-old Sandul Bibi and her father, Gulsher Masih, remain in prison in Pakistan despite many court hearings. They are charged with violating section 295-B of the Pakistani legal code, the "blasphemy" law. Sandul is falsely accused of ripping pages from the Quran.


Law Repeal Unlikely:

Christians Killed:

The Power to Forgive:
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  • What a moving presentation! Yes, thank God for you VOM. May the church in the US grow in their burden for our brothers and sisters undergoing persecution!
  • I thank God for you vom.
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