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I do not take credit for ANY of my uploads!
They were downloaded from channels of fellow White Nationalists most of whom had their accounts suspended!

This channel is dedicated to informing my people, WHITE people of the danger they face, and exposing the Jew, the danger to my people itself, who's supreme goal is to exterminate us using they're savage brainless Black/Brown armies, and to a lesser extent the East Asians.

No room on my channel for:

1) The Anti-White Jews, the eternal and natural enemy of our people, who would like to come here and spew their venom 
being bothered by the TRUTH!

2) Any sort melanin soaked, illiterate 3rd Worlder who comes here to swear at me because of his obvious inferiority complex.

3) Disgusting treacherous White Multicults-We're-all-the-same-Human-Race braindead Zombie Marxist SCUM, who are beyond mental healing, and need to be put down because of the far greater danger they pose for our people!
"An enemy within the gates is far more dangerous than than an enemy AT the gates!"

99% of us Whites are not aware of the Danger! We are as endangered as the Dolphins, Wales, Pandas, and whatever other tropical birds, or creatures you find in jungles, and you hear about all day long on Jew TV.
But under nu circumstances will you ever hear about us Whites being only 11% of the 6.6 BILLION people on Earth and that includes Europe, (European Russia, AND Asian Russia until the far East border with Korea), USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zeeland, and the remaining few pure Whites in Central and South America. ALL of these countries make only 11% Whites cumulated. That is aprox. 726.000.000 Whites on the entire Planet, leaving 5.874.000.000 NON-WHITES on the rest of it!
Who is the REAL minority, the Global Minority???
Yet you don't see any long-haired tree-hugging yuppies protesting in the streets against the extinction of the White Race and for the future of White children as they do for the various Tropical or Polar endangered animals.

If we go extinct who's gonna preserve all those species of animals and the Earth?
The 65 IQ borderline-retarded African or the Brown Arabic/Indian/Amerindian violent savages? Who's gonna feed THEM also??? For the time being we do!
You think the cruel East Asians will feed them or care for the environment as we did? Think again! They will more likely kill them all, and live in a polluted deforested World that will look like after a Nuclear War!

14 Words!!!

Jews trying to star WW3.
Feminism - a form of Jewish Control.
Jews reveal their plans for the world!
Jews and the Opium Wars.
Wikipedia - Jewish Controlled Site.
Wisdom For A Dysgenik Age.
Why You Need A Gun.
White Man's Lament.
White man, let me tell you about your family.
White loyalty.
The New Europe.
The Holocaust of the White European Race.
The Genocide Of The White People.
Anti-White Commercial.
Typical Black Behaviour....
Our Future as Whites.
Odin with us!