Violence against Christians Spreads


Violence against Christians Spreads

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Violence against christians spreads to other states. Now its the BJP ruled state of Karnataka. Minority christians and churches are the easy target for these extremist people.




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  • stupids people this what they learnt from their god and goddess and fulfilling their gods will you all may go to hell
  • @SheikhTaqiyyameister that's why you'r trying to prove that you are Hindu doing such nonsense stupidity then YOU ARE NOT HINDU ANYMORE YOU ARE A TERRORIST
  • @hunnykumb Islam is at war with the world.  It was created by a warrior in a very brutal environment. Fear, brutality, and terror are what formed Islam. Muslims' mindset is that anyone who can't respond in kind is weak, and deserves to be a victim. Islam is 7th century Naziism.
  • I am a Brazilian Christian. And I'm not Catholic. In my country, Hindus, Muslims, atheists, Protestants, Jews, Catholics and Christians coexist peacefully. While not agreeing with each other. But the differences are no reason for a tragedy like the one shown in this video.
  • i'm a hindu n i hate BJP,VHP,RSS the terrorists polluting india
  • HiARIDWAR government year 2007 Mr.Sudansu,Mr.Nagi, Mr. Rana and six others has broken 40photograps of my most beloved football guru, imagine if i break one Krihsna photo, what will happen to me?.
    Bad and good people are worldwide, but the best is to forgive and loveSeeIN youtube INDIA SPANISH ROJAS
  • someone left the zoo gates open.
  • @bedp1 Well look who is the intolerant one now. 
  • @gratewite we don't fell threstened by ur christian missionaries or NGO'S.
    we just want u out of our hindu nation.
  • Well, As far as I know, Jesus never endorsed conversion.But its a fact that , In India the almost 90% of christian NGO's and missionary groups concentrate on harvesting the poor souls in the name of Jesus. I am not surprised if Hindus feel threatened by the missionary activities. Violence never solve any problem by itself, but in certain cases it act as a catalyst for solving the problem.
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