Shafia's Story Persecution In Pakistan


Shafia's Story Persecution In Pakistan

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A new interview with Shafia.


  • Thanks 4 this video. These are True Believers. I will pray 4 them as the Lord commands us. We in the West have abandoned Jesus.
  • Thank u 4 this video. We Christians who r presently free 2 worship should remember our brothers + sisters who r being persecuted even un2 death!!! Dear Lord, we pray that u will b the spiritual strength + encouragement 4 these ppl. God bless + protect these dear Christians who r giving all 4 Jesus. I pray 4 their persecutors 2 turn 2 Jesus. I hope that God will give me the courage + 4giveness of the Christians in this video. GOD BLESS ALL CHRISTIANS EVERYWHERE...
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  • @steflondon88 This channel I think they said votm.
  • Who paid the debt? I couldn't quite catch it.
  • In silent we will keep bowing before GOD in prayer
  • Thank You Jesus. You are the Lord of all.
    Thank you VOM. Jesus bless you.
  • It is difficult for those of us living in a free country where we do not face persecution for our beliefs to understand how difficult it is for persecuted Christians in other countries. The part of the story about working in the brick kilns made me think about the children of Israel in Egypt when Moses was told to tell Pharaoh to let the people go.
  • Amazing story and very moving to my soul.
  • This is sad, but beautiful. I am amazed at the faith of the people who face persecution everyday... where we, in the states, can have it so easy... yet we take our freedom and easy lives for granted. May God bless all those who suffer <3.
  • peace very where ....and god guide all people...
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