Save Christians in India


Save Christians in India

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Christians in India were killed, beaten, burnt and abused by the radical hindus and extremist. There is steps taken to protect the christians. Someone help the christians in India




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  • 753,399 people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq War since US invasion, this is media figure. And this is supported by US Govt.
    The riots death in Orissa is not even 50, which is from all religion, In a country having 1/6 one sixth of world population. Govt did a best job managing it. By that comparison, India is a very peaceful.
    Over exaggeration is only to raise fund
  • christian churches in india are a religiously intolrant organization despite being in minority.they trying to carve out east timors from our motherland
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  • yaaad rakh le Bhagwaan 1 hai roop anek hain n agr tum killing beating ..etc ko dharm ka kam samjhe to dekh le tumhe apne hi log maar dalenge
  • @hunnykumb Dear friend u misunderstood google about christians forcing hindus to convert
    thats only reason it happens see the other states where christians live they are brother and sister
    if you start preaching to hindu to convert then this happens
  • @SmrutiR u r tooo good....
  • i'm a hindu n i hate BJP,VHP,RSS the terrorists polluting india
  • Heavenly father please help those poor innocent christian in india, some lost their family, some lost all what they have, and some are being suffering from this kind of the eyes and heart of those RSS,VHP and hindu extremist so that they will know what they have done is wrong....!!! and do good deeds...!!
  • @smrutir are out of ur mind ....!!! india is not peaceful at all. it is peaceful only for the majority classes not the minority...!!! do u think the the demolition of babri masjid is good..!!!??? it is destroy only because muslim are the minority. in the same way like those christian in orissa have all the RSS and VHP gone mad..!! how many blood have slipt out on innocent life...!!! the us have attack afghtan coz they want to protect the innocent life from terrorist.
  • disagreeable tactics used by missionaries does not excuse the persecution of believers. nor does it excuse attacking people for vocally sharing their faith. telling others about Christ is what Christians are asked to do. others respect the rights of Muslims to give dawa, but not Christians to share Christ? or worship? or build a church? persecution happens all over the world. Christians, Ahmadi Muslims, and Hindus suffer terribly in Pakistan. it is never excusable.
  • @SethNemah ignorant of what exactly? christians using deceitful methods of converting weak or the fact that they arnt even there to help them but convert them? im not saying that the attacks on christians in india is good. but maybe christianity should leave their culture and beliefs alone instead of preying on the weak to convert. maybe then india will stop pushing back against christianiy. stop converting and start helping and maybe they'll like the missionaries more.
  • @BigMidget06 Your ignorant sir.
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