Ron Paul Ad Secure

Ron Paul Ad Secure

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Caricato da in data 06/ott/2011 - Ron Paul will secure our borders by saving trillions of dollars and bringing our troops home from overseas.
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  • I think Ron Paul would make a great president. Just by the things he says
  • What makes more sense? A country hating us because we are "Free"? ...or a country hating us because we invaded and took over their land?
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  • @mhoyer01 with his popularity and the money hes been making campaigning, i think if he becomes the republican nominee his ads will blow all this media blackout bullshit of not covering him into the great frontier of space. id rather see this on tv than fox news talking about bachmann or mitt romney or god forbid newt gingrich...
  • This is they type of videos the campaign needs to air!!!! Put this on loop in Iowa and NH! Stat!
  • @silverstreak492 Not just based on what he says. Every politician has a whole lot to say (even though most love to talk and talk without really saying anything at all). The thing about Dr. Paul is he actually practices what he preaches and it has been proven in the past time and time again.
  • Sounds kinda like a return to isolationism to me. And look at what that did to the US.
  • @SnakeDoctor33 No; Fuck Jihadists....Jihadists hate freedom and western civilizations. USS Liberty was a mistake and Israel paid lots of compensation to all families. You are nothing more than a shill for the jihadists. Finally, fuck Palestine. Fucking terrorists...
  • @shotsky94 Fuck Israel for they eradicate Palestinians and anyone else they don't like just like they tried to kill the crew of the USS Liberty..their supposed allies.
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