The reality for Christians in India

The reality for Christians in India

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  • forgive them lord they still dont know what they are doing :( amen
  • hindu militants? that doesnt even make sense. Isn't Hinduism suppose to be about peace and love of all creatures?
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  • another Oscar worthy drama by Christians!
  • hehehehehe, beat the dame christian, burn him alive, like they did, in usa witch burning.
  • @devdasrai actually, I posted this comment on the wrong video, sorry. But I do agree, I'm not a nationalist guy like the RSS or anything....most Christians in developed parts of India (Kerala, Goa) are ok. Most violence happens in poorer states. But do realize aggressive missionaries activities are going to piss people off, breaking temples and destroying the sentiments of Hindus to promote Christianity is bad. Like wise, those "Hindus" who burn churches and rape nuns are bad too. Peace, bro.
  • @flywithmeamerica Really? How? We are Indian like them, we only want to worship our God but yet Hindus won't let us do that and they beat beat and kill us! So whose culture is REALLY being destroyed? If you notice, Hindus do this same crap with internaional religion that enters India (Islam, Christianity, etc.), but yet they teach about peace. Don't be brainwashed! The comment you made was very ignorant!
  • @a1awind There have been fucking Buddhist militants man.. lol, they arent supposed to kill a cricket for fear of hell, doesn't seem to matter.
  • @a1awind it was until muslim and we thought you were some
  • These idiots, Christians are destroying Hindu culture.
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