Please Help Killings against Indian Christians

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Please Help  Killings against Indian Christians

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Indian Christians are killed, abused and tortured to death. India is not a safe place for christians. Developed christian community and powerful nations of the world should work to save these innocent christians from these religious terrorists and extremist.




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  • what help no one help you ,,untill you will not help yourself,
  • @OneDharmaYouMovement happy ganesh chaturthi my fried, lord ganesh grant u buddhi...! :)
  • ASKYOURSELF....if christians and jesuit priest tell you LIES about aryan racist theory, when genetics COMEPLETLY DISPROVES IT...
    how can you beleive priest who LIE TO keep their religous lies and deceit intact?...who morality is that?......
  • NOW TELL ME..HOW HOW HOW DOES THAT make sense??.......if christians are aryans then if jesus was too....
    then why do christians tell stupid indian that aryan hindus enslved you....
    DIRECTLY ARYAN THEMSELVES!!!!! hahahahhahahaha
    are YOU getting the picture??....
    EVERY GENETICS DATA SAYS ONE THING............Indians migrated out into europe....
    NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!!!!! so ACTUALLY indian race is one the purest
  • is the aryan theory TRUE?
    based on genetics, history, and any type of evidence?
    or are you going to beleive in jesuit priest who declared white people supeior brown people as slaves, and are YOU GOING TO BE THAT FOOL, who gets told by white christians that hindus enslaved you, imposed caste system when its CHRISTIANS WHO CLAIM TO BE OF ARYAN RACE, it was they who murdered and raped indian, it was they who looted all the people in india, it was they who promoted racism through aryanism......
  • jesus blonde haried blue eyed..
    so dirty priests tell stupid indians, convert cos they imposed teh caste system they are racist, etc, that by joining christianity you free yourselff
    HOld up ..the christians to the north say you are aryan, to the south they say you are enslaved, jesus christ is pictured as aryan, and it was christian who promoted the aryan theory based on racial lines
    the same people that converted once kiled u
  • Heres the funny thing i hope you find it amusing yourself..
    christians tell converst that Hindus imposed the caste system to enslave them, right!!....they tell them hindus come from outside india, they tell them inorder to free yourself YOU MUST JOIN CHRISTIANTY and be seen as this is the funny part..
    it was christians who promoted that white people are superior it was christians who impsoed the aryan theory, it christians who claim to be aryan, blonde hair blue eyed!!
  • Of how white people came down and CIVILISED indians...lmaoooo....forget about the african slave trade, the genocide that christian did around the world.
    SO christians said white aryans came down..OF COURSE JUST PURE RACISM...
    and GENETICS PROVES THIS TO BE FALSE.....AND actually a racist lie promoted by the same manner they did to humilate jews with racism and bigotry for 2000years..
  • so ham was cursed and was enslved in the bible, christians and muslims have used this to promote racism and enslave all PEOPLE WHO ARE DARK SKINNED....
    such as slavery, in india, african, china, america, etc, etc, jesuit priiest beleive in this as does the bible that PEOPLE FROM SHEM AND JAPETH...have a DEVINE RIGHT TO ENSLAVE dark skinned people..that where racism starts from!!
    whn the euroepan came to india and realised that ii was richer and wealtheir than europe they STARTED ARYAN TALEs
  • let me tell you somthing about NOAHS THREE SONS...THIS IS WHERE RACISM STARTED and carried on for OVER 2000YEARS!!!!!!!
    christians beleive as well as muslims, that FROM NOAHS THREE SONS the rest of the world was populated. Europeans and muslims claim to be of shem and japeth, while WHO WHERE considered more superier and their color was white or light skinned, HOWEVER... the third son HAM was cursed and was BLACKENED and his sons for ever would be slaves, which is every one else.
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