Launching Balloons into North Korea


Launching Balloons into North Korea

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Secret balloon launches from the sea have been going on for several years. Go along for the ride as North Korean defectors launch balloons on a recent trip.




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  • Praise God.
  • anyone try remote controlled devices to send stuff over?
  • Praise God for that ministry! What a privilege it would be to watch one of those launches live and in person.
  • May the Lord plant the truth of Jesus Christ in North Korea and bring many to salvation.
  • Thank you, Jesus, for these balloons that carry good news!! Lord, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS the people of North Korea!! May many souls come to know you. And bless the believers in North Korea. May they be STRONG in their faith!! May they know and feel your love!! You are a GREAT GOD!! :>}
  • That is a beautiful thing to see!
  • How do they know where they will drop?
  • Hope they made their destination.
    Praise God
  • how does the gospel tracts get out of the balloons?
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