Christians Killed in India


Christians Killed in India

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Christians are killed inhumanely and no one is there to protect the christians of the country. They were killed mercilessly by the Hindu terrorists and extremists. Over 4500 peoples houses, churches has been totally destroyed. Someone help the chirtians of the worlds biggest democracy INDIA.
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  • they send missionairies to convert the poor, India's gdp was 24% prior to Uk arrival in 1850, 3% in 1950 India was looted from all corners, these missionairies make the poor Hindus step on idols to prove they've converted
  • Are you Geert Wilders in disguise?
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  • Terror...give me a break........Give tem money....and they will say what ever is needed...I am not sayin the Reporter gave tem money....but u know who
  • Sane people will understand all the friction involving Christians in India is being caused by the Missionaries. The ihindu organizations are projected as villens as they are the favourite kicking bag of the media and the Government....the intentions of the government are well know,,,and the fundings of the media is also very well known and spreading....not quickly but gradully...
  • @india000000000
    "these missionairies make the poorHindus step on idols to prove they've converted" You're not only the same false and hypocrite abuser than those who do so [if your story is true, though I believe it to be a lie] but even a bloodlicker.If its true than those are no christians but miserable one who abuse of the name of Christ. So WHY dont document those happenings in order to discuss them in the media making clear that this is not christian behaviour-rather than kill innocents?
  • @maxiver
    You/re all miserable individuals. Killing in the name of religion is the biggest existing bastardry in the universe. You're no hindu but bloodlicker !!! Both Christ and Krishna would be ashamed about you bloodlickers even 100 times more than about any of those missionaries. People is free to change their believes EVEN in india !!! Or do you fascist believe your naighbours to be your slaves ???
    5TO[20]12 !!!
    Ogmios - biblical Spirit of truth 16.07.11
  • UN should make a free country in india for these poor christians so that they can live in peace and prosper. If it can be done in Sudan and Indonesia why not in india?
  • @megatown Chyutapa likhna band kar bhadwe
    IT IS 5TO[20]12 FOR THOSE FUNCTIONARIES OF THE BLOODY PEDOPHILE FÜHRER,FOR THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM,DEMOCRACY,CIVILIZATION and for their helper a.supporter, but also for those who believe all those antichrist developments out there in the name of the lie would not concern them.THEY DO!!!
    OGMIOS -biblical Spirit of Truth 15.07.11
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