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List of 70 discrepancies of both internal and external contradictions in Quran. Gabriel never reveal Quran.

Part 1
#1 What was man created from?
#2 Whose soul will be lost in hell-fire if follow a false prophet?
#3 Is there abrogation of revelation in the Quran?

Part 2
#4 Will all Jews and Christians go to Paradise?
#5 Is Allah relenting and merciful to mankind?
#6 Does Allah make any distinction between His Messengers?
#7 Did one of Noah's sons die in the flood?
#8 Does everything obey Allah?
#9 Could Allah have a son?
#10 Who was a disbeliever in the family of Noah?
#11 Are followers of Jesus superior than disbelievers?
#12 Who revealed the Quran to Muhammad?
#13 Is Angel Gabriel also known as the Holy Spirit ?
#14 Did the spirit and Gabriel have anything in common?
#15 Who is the Trinity?
#16 Is Allah the third person of the Three?
#17 Is Quran for substituting the earlier revelations?
#18 Was Jesus crucified ?
#19 Was Jesus killed before old age?
#20 Did the Jews believe Ezra is the Son of God?
#21 Is Muhammad the prophet of Allah?
#22 Was the prophecy about Muhammad's death fulfilled?
#23 Is Muhammad greater than angel?
#24 Are there guardians or helpers beside Allah?
#25 Is Jesus called the "Son of Mary" or "the Son of God"?
#26 Will all Muslims enter Hell?
#27 Will Muslims be burnt in hell-fire?
#28 Will Jesus be burnt in Hell?
#29 Did Christians say "God is the Messiah"?
#30 Christians say "the Son of God" is the Messiah?

Part 3
#31 Can slandering chaste women be forgiven?
#32 How long was Zacharias dumb after encountering Gabriel?
#33 Who adopt Moses as the son in Egypt?
#34 Did Moses' staff become a serpent and return to staff ?
#35 Did Moses' staff turn to a demon or serpent?
#36 Did Muhammad know which lords he was referred to?
#37 Did angel help to overcome the fear?
#38 Did Gabriel reveal the Torah and the Gospel?
#39 Moses married a woman from family of how many daughters?
#40 Is there any removal of Muslims from hell-fire?
#41 Will Allah guide the truth for the Muslims?
#42 Did Jesus declare "I am the messenger of God"?
#43 Is Allah a singular or plural God?
#44 Could the sun overtake the moon?
#45 Did Allah make stars to be thrown at devils?
#46 How many days did Allah loose raging wind to destroy Aad?
#47 How long did it take God to complete His creation?
#48 Heavens or Earth: which was created first?
#49 Jinn and men created for worship or for Hell?
#50 Will Messenger be sent to other than his own folk?

Part 4
#51 Was Jesus born under a palm tree?
#52 Did Muhammad know how to read Scripture before it?
#53 Was Muhammad described in the Torah and the Gospel?
#54 Are there beautiful virgins (Houris) for marriage in Paradise?
#55 Can Jesus save people from their sins?
#56 Did angel ever torture or force people against their will?
#57 Will Allah disgrace Muslims?
#58 How did Allah deliver the message through the prophet?
#59 How many angels talked to Mary?
#60 Are believers called the slaves of Allah?
#61 Is Allah the same God of the Jews and Christians?
#62 Did God rest after the creation?
#63 How should one treat your enemies?
#64 Disciples of Jesus are called Christians or Muslims?
#65 Is there compulsion in the religion of Islam?
#66 Can a true God be evolved through man's effort?
#67 What is the background of the identity of Allah?
#68 What is the meaning of the name Allah?
#69 Who was about to be sacrificed on the altar by Abraham?
#70 How many ways are there to enter Paradise? enter Paradise?




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